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'Into Orbomesh' ... Synopsis

Updated: May 11, 2020

Here, you will find current information on where I am on writing my book. As yet, I still do not know what the end piece will look like. And usually if any one suggests, ' give us a low down on the story...' I usually describe part angles of the book, without an accurate synopsis. There are many elements and worlds to it, scenarios, environments, humour, horror, strange romance, loss, finding, feelings of home, terror, war, science fiction, fantasy, technologies, and it definitely fits into the YA arena. It began with a clutch of poetry and short story ideas written loosely in sketchbooks and odd pieces of paper. I lean to this type of subject matter because my interests and influences circle around; untouched parts of nature, other planets, the unknown, archaeology, what we are in comparison to the universe, beings thinking differently and created from mixed materials, science fiction art and film ( When John Hurt firstly descends into the alien ship in Alien, Event Horizon, and Interstellar to name a few ). For the amount of work I have, I'd say its about three books worth, possibly a saga. Initially based around a planet called Protolithica and its moons.

Current synopsis ( it may change) ;

Sometimes, a great tragedy can place souls together. But only once, it takes a signal to channel through history at the right time. On a distant world, that becomes key.

Ancient scribe word tells of a hidden chamber. Deep within it, a mysterious lake that can forge elite beings from stone and metal. The Orbomesh. A giver of calculated paths some say. One day it produced two beings who transcended to become legend. They are Exomesh. The first open entities ever created. In time, prophets on the edge of the Elithican spectrum will slowly but surely realise components like these, were made for reason.

But Orbomesh holds a supernatural sway over the land of Protolithica, below its moon chamber. Elements and creatures are pulled by it. It can also preordain. Instill a tactic and react. As now a relic out of myth has been discovered, and strangely ushered in a distant inquistor, claiming to be the shepherd of their time. A calculated, elemental intelligence...unforgiving.

In one sweep, the visitor unleashed a final judgement. With motives that threaten the poor souls of Elithi`, it is now a wound that they cannot recover. The inquisitor conqueror. Yet midst all of this loss of hope, a great mind, perseverance of the few and the divine will of Orbomesh, is there a possiblity that ravaged Elithica and its moons can ever be reclaimed?

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