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Artists Lightboard

Having a few oddities in my studio I decided to put them onto a cheap but reliable lightboard/box...

On my site you will see a few irregular stones I had collected from last years hikes, and a Dragonfly that had collided with my studio window. I always wondered about these almost macro worlds that exist and how influential they could be in forward thinking. I do not have a macro lens however, just thought it would be an interesting experiment onto the board. Especially with light facing up to the subject.

Its own curled stylised fire emblems

I couldn't wait to run the images through LR and Immediately, the Dragonfly, yes, now glowing perfectly had a lot of stowaways. In fact it was packed with dead dust mites!....and so I did cheat and deleted them. But as I sifted through the images, the insect was a total realm in itself. Now empty, a shell. But more a burnt sienna kind of lantern, opaque and majestic. Hooks and serrated edges were cleverly placed all over, including its flight colours on its wing tips. And more miraculously, on the back of its head, perfectly symetrical, its own curled stylised fire emblems.

Its still on the shelf looking over me. But its even more delicate.

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